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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Working Together

Now that we hold the most important and powerful half of the most powerful and important branch of the guvm...guvmin...the most evil institution ever established, we're going to make it work for us. And by us, I mean, the regular people who make a million dollars or more a year--you know, the middle class. To do that, we're going to have to work closely, and perhaps even make compromises, with the Commie from Kenya.

I know that sounds bad, but our new Speaker of the House--I was lucky enough to trip over him at my favorite biker bar, The Man Hunt, last night--let me see a memo he's sending to Obama. The compromises don't seem all that bad.

Here's the memo:
To: Barack HUSSEIN Obama
From: Speaker John Boehner
Re: Working Together

Now that we're in charge, I'd thought I'd reach out and offer you a chance to work with us on the following issues:
  • Taxes -- If you help us extend the Bush tax cuts, we'll make it impossible for you to ever be attacked on tax issues again. We'll do so by privatizing the House Ways and Means Committee and the IRS. I've talked to the Koch brothers, and they'd be glad to take both off our hands.
  • Spending -- We're willing to work with you on reducing the debt. All we need is your support for a bill that would replace Social Security with an opportunity for seniors to invest in the lucrative world of derivatives trading.
  • National Security -- We'll let you do what you want with Gitmo as long as you don't shut it down. In return, you have to support The True American Protection Act. It defines the word "terrorist" as being "any person or group who scares True (White Christian) Americans or Honorary Americans like Pamela Geller." It also allows True and Honorary Americans to summarily execute terrorists at any time.
  • DREAM Act -- We know it's important to you. We'll support it if you limit the path to citizenship to Norwegian and Swedish immigrants. Everyone else will already be covered by The True American Protection Act.
That's a start. We'll bring other issues to the table once you've demonstrated your commitment to working with us.

Buy me a fucking drink.

John Boehner


  1. Citizenship for the Scandahoovians? Have you ever tried to get into or out of Ballard at rush hour? Are you insane, man???

  2. oops, wasn't Joe Hill Scandahoovian ?

    And what about the Finns?

    I have recently learned a word of Finnish.

    ~ kiitos ~ !

  3. I think the first order of business should be upgrading all the cash registers in congressional offices. Installing QuickBooks and IDeposit will allow money on K Street to rage at a faster clip.

  4. Ah, democracy. Never has worked, never will.

  5. Anne: It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. - Winston Churchhill

    Boner has forgotten to include Orange-Americans in his list of acceptable peoples. Quite frankly, I don't know where orange people originate from and I'm not sure they are actually a type of white person. Either way, he is closing out his breathren.


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