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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Department of Book Reports: Lanterns & Lances, Credos & Curios

I was between books this week, so I picked up a couple James Thurber collections. I figured I could do an easy Book Report, but I was stumped beyond "*grunt* Yeah, man... Thurber is a great man of American letters." What could I possibly say? I'd venture Twain lived before bread slicing machines, so I'll tell you Thurber is the best thing since they started slicing bread. I mean, I really liked that old show "My Life & Welcome To It", but it really was Keith Olbermann that made me a fan.

I even had a quote I especially liked:
"The brain of our species is, as we know, made up largely of potassium, phosphorus, propaganda, and politics, with the result that how not to understand what should be clearer is becoming easier and easier for all of us."

And then the news hit tonight as I was writing this, Keith is shit canned??

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The intertubes are a-buzz and a-tweet. I suspect we'll have to wait a while to find out what happened tonight. In the meantime, have strength, friends. If you want to read some Thurber, we have a few copies.

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Good Night and Good Luck, indeed.


  1. When I was in high school, I read an essay James Thurber wrote about losing his sight.

    Not a drop of comedy or sentimentality or self-pity, but I wept reading it, and it was indelible although I wish I could remember the anthology it was part of (this was before the intertubez).

    Keith Olbermann is in the catbird seat.

    Thanks, SeattleTammy. Love to you and Dan and All of your relatives and bookstore cronies.


  2. Wow, the right wing echo machine wins again.Maybe Keith is in the crosshairs and is more than rhetorical metaphoric and imaginary. Will the NBC/Comcast merger lead to a Fox/Comcast Halliburton/GOP/Cheney family merger? Film at eleven. Stains @ 11:15.

  3. I remember that show! (My World...) And one of these days, when the last liberal is expunged from the liberal meeja (I reckon there are still three of them left; four if you count Dylan Ratigan) people will say "I remember that guy!" when a stray scrap of paper bearing Olbermann's name drifts out of the memory hole.


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