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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Department of Book Reports: Moonlight Mile

Moonlight Mile, by Dennis Lehane (Morrow, $26.99) The last installment of Lehane's Patrick & Angie series was Prayers For Rain, in 1999. Moonlight Mile finds them married in their 40s with a young daughter. The current economic situation has not been kind to them, Patrick is trying to contract with a security company to keep the bills paid. When the aunt of a girl he rescued when she was 4 comes to ask him to help find the once-again missing 16 year old, he doesn't want to take on an unpaid job. And while returning Amanda to her neglectful abusive mother was the correct thing to do 12 years ago, it has never felt like the right thing to do.

Finding Amanda this time will involve Russian mafia, meth dealers, black market baby adoptions and a stolen icon, The Belarus Cross.

This sixth installment in the series is probably the last, and is a fine epilogue to the books. Lehane has never been one to shy away from examining social justice issues and he uses it well here. I do recommend you read Gone Baby Gone before this, but even if you haven't you'll get enough background to enjoy this great novel.

We want to wish all our blogosphere friends the very Happiest New Year! I thought this picture might be appropriate to end this book report with:
Moonlight Mile is available at Jackson Street Books and other fine Independent bookstores.As always, books ordered here will have a freebie publishers Advance Reading Copy included as a thank you to our blogosphere friends.

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    Just think of how angry it's been making the Hebruslims and Mahometans to have to be signing their cheques with OUR God's dateline for more than 2 milleniumations now. Whenever they look up and see what year it is, they're reminded that our God is better han their god(s). It's like we're rubbing their noses in it all the time, ha-ha!

    I don't know who came up with this wimpy "Love thy neighbour" stuff -- prolly someone French, because it sure sounds Froggay to me -- but it comforts me to know that we KKKhristians are adding another layer to the pile of insults every time the calendar rolls over. HOO-AH!


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