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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gipper

More here (a helmet tip to Mr. von Ebers).


  1. Happy birthday, Bob Marley:

  2. It wasn't just the preliminary cast of The Jersey Shore singing about America's Grampiest President since Coolidge! The original rapper had a song for St. Ronnie's 1984 re-election campaign. And this was written before rap even existed!*

    *(Actually, the word "rap" was part of the English language then, but it did not mean hippety-hop music the way punk kids say it today.)

  3. I approve this message. David Corn has a great piece on this song, here.

  4. Somemuddy else reminded me of this video starring Teh Gimper from back in the day when MTV usedta play music videos.


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