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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Little Tolerant Dingleberrys Touting Tolerance"

Jamie Adams
National Women’s NAIA Basketball Tournament

Jane Alderson
Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant

Monte Jones
Commercial Bank and Trust Company
Jackson Downtown Development Corporation
Shannon Street Blues & Heritage Festival

cc: Mayor Jerry Gist, Jackson, Tennessee
Amy McDaniel, Tom Bohs, The Jackson Sun

Dear Friends of the "Jackson Way,"

Thank you for choosing Jackson, Tennessee as a venue for your events. It means a lot to us who support what we like to call "the Jackson Way." You may wonder what I mean by that. Well, the best description of The Jackson Way is found on Jackson city councilman Frank Neudecker's blog:
Take a good look at where all of this tolerance has gotten us...Now we have a Muslim President who isn’t even a citizen and his following of little tolerant dingleberrys touting Tolerance oh yes we have to be so tolerant of this slug…

Tolerance has given us a country where the white people are so brain damaged and cultured they tolerate being controled by the likes of people we laughed at as nutty a few years ago...

The white people are being transformed by a phony culture and we are not even resisting. Have you noticed that every commercial has black men and white women together, mexicans and whites, all multi racial people and all happily advertising what ever product or service? Start watching, you will seldom see many white people any longer they are all mixed races or bi racial what ever you want to call them… it is like this is the way it is supposed to be. White people are being destroyed daily.
Yes, The Jackson Way is all about the joys of intolerance and bringing back our most cherished traditional value, white supremacy.

Thank you for helping us achieve it.

Heterosexually yours in a very pale kind of way,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot


  1. I'm not surprised. Look, I live on the other side of the world but I hear that Jackson is the multicultural hub or TN, which is the multicultural hub of the US which is the multicultural hub of the world.
    In fact, I assumed some guy's bookshop called the Jackson St Books was a homage to the multicultural centre of the world.

    I bet Frank can't walk down the street without seeing the ill effects of multiculturalism on his beloved town. There are more evil, foreign muslims in TN than there are good, white christian males these days. Thats why Barack bin Laden is Pres. I just checked the Census on Jackson and it turns out, out of the whole 156k people in the area, there are only 3 white christians: Frank and his cohorts. In fact, I think they are the only 3 white people in TN.

  2. Ooh--that was on Jeopardy the other night--I forget the answer but the question was What are Little Tolerant Dingleberrys Touting Tolerance?

    p.s. I feel a Gilbert & Sullivan song coming on ("...touting tolerance, eating chocolate mints with a pretty prince, he's good at dropping hints..."), but it's late, and I have to go ride dragons in dreamland.

  3. I was puzzled about this word "dingleberry," because I've picked a lot of berries in my time -- blackberries are my favourite -- but I have never encountered a bush with those. So I looked it up with some help from teh Oogle. Oh my! I think it's what people in BC's hemisphere would call a "dag."

    For people who hold themselves up as good examples of morality, Councilman Nudeheckler and his writer Mrs. Huckinbutt might want to consider washing out their mouths with soap. Or maybe some other part. Let he who is without sin smear the first dingleberry...

  4. I betcha presidential hopeful Rick Santorum
    ( wishes that his web persona could advance to that of only a dingleberry.

  5. I practice tolerance because I'm too old and tired to be hating on everyone all the time.

  6. Culture. Oh. That's how I became brain damaged. Too much live theater and jazz.

  7. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Amen to that!


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