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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Live Feed From Das WI Kapitol

Watch live streaming video from theuptake at

Commie Furriners


  1. What's not to love about a country that treats corporations like individual humans, and treats unions as if humans don't matter at all?

    p.s. Just because it's hard to dance in jack-boots doesn't mean the GOP won't try.

  2. General, Sir:

    Okay, I hate to be the Party'O'God Pooper but, wtf? Governator Talksthetalkbutain'gWalkeringthewalk's "cred" is in the shitter, dude, Sir!

    So he's got some jackbooted thugs and other trappings of a good, honest, GODLY KKKristianist administrator, he's a poseur!! The guy in charge, four stars'n'all is a schwarze for fuck'sake! 11tyone!!! Jumpin' Jesus through a flamin' crown'o'thorns into a tank filled with islamopihrana!!

  3. Oh, the humanity! Those poor, oppressed Wisconsin Senators, assailed by dirty union hippies!

    First the union thugs came for the state legislators who got elected with thousands of dollars that generous billionaires donated to them so they could air air TV commercials 24/7 showing them standing in front of an American flag while hinting that their opponents support terrorism. But I did nothing, because I'm not sure who my rep is, and I don't remember where I'm supposed to go vote, and it doesn't matter anyway.

    Next the violent fascist teachers came for the hedge fund managers, just because they made a few bad decisions -- honest mistakes, surely! -- with the pension funds' money that caused them to lose billions of dollars, while they still collected multi-million-dollar bonuses. But I did nothing, because I don't have a pension, so why do those public employee parasites think THEY should get any money when they're too old to work?

    Next the communist police and firemen came for the billionaires who are the source of all good things in this country, since none of us real Amerikkkans would have jobs if it weren't for the wise leadership of the investors who give us all jobs. But I did nothing, even though I know that making really rich people pay taxes is evil, and if THEY have to pay more, they're going to raise MY taxes too and make me pay more for groceries at Wal-Mart just to get even.

    Then the Nazi paper-pushers who sit on their fat asses behind counters at the Department of Motor Vehicles came for ME, to seize my house for unpaid property taxes to fund their lavish three weeks of annual vacation and paid sick leave. Only they couldn't GET my house, because it had already been repossessed by a bank in Germany after I stopped paying my mortgage because I got the hours cut back on two of the part-time jobs I work.

    HA HA you socialists! I'm broke! The rich guys have all the money! The politicians they support have all the power! YOU LOSE! Us KKKhristian KKKonservatives win again!!!!!!


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