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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Pro-Life Approach to Immigrant Hunting

Mary Kay Culp
State Executive Director
Kansans for Life

Dear Mrs. Culp,

Given your endorsement of Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck, I was a little surprised when he proposed that Mexican job-seekers should be hunted down and shot "like feral hogs." It doesn't seem like a very well thought out plan from a pro-life perspective. I mean, what if one of these better-life-seekers is carrying a little anchor fetus, zygote, or blastocyst?

Perhaps you should get together with Rep. Peck and help him flesh out this idea a little more. You might suggest that he add a provision barring the shooting of not-men job-seekers until it's confirmed that they aren't pregnant.

That'd be a win-win for everybody. Rep. Peck and his constituents would still have an opportunity to exercise their Second Amendment right to summarily execute brown people, and those of us who care about life would be comforted by knowing that no fetuses, zygotes, or blastocysts were harmed in the harvest.

Heterosexually yours in a chaste, biblically appropriate, and life affirming kind of way,

Gen JC Christian, patriot


  1. And Rep. Pecker could still shoot the not-men after they chunked out the fetus. And he'd shoot the newborn, too, because it's onnathem damned anchor babies. I haven't heard any kkkonservative estimate how many of them get laid within the borders of the United States of Amerikkka, but there's gotta be millions of 'em each year since they're such a stupendous problem that gets mentioned all the time on shout radio, right?

  2. Retract this article this instant!

    As usual, you jump to ridicule and find contradiction where none exists. Mr. Peck finds no conflict of interest here. You may hunt down both men and women with impunity. Any fetus living inside a feral hog is nothing more and nothing less than a feral hog. I think if you ask him, he would defend himself thus: we are talking about illegal immigrants to be, abominable creatures you mistake for people.

  3. General, I concur heartily!
    Virgin Pecker's idea meld with yours perfectly. Imagine how proud an American one could be having shot down an invading horde of a mexican! Imagine the pride in making sure the not-man's fetus was safe before shooting the horde of the not-man mexican!
    The beaming pride of having a collection of jars of horde fetus (feti?) that have been saved on American soil would bring a man to tears! (as much because his pecker stands to attention as anything).
    Oh, i so want to save horde feti whilst killing their evil parents. It... Its so noble a thing.

  4. And I forgot all about the pressing problem of Terror Babies. Why, there's hundreds of thousands of them being birthed in the U.S. every year, according to a study that was so terrifying, the guy who wrote it had to use a fake name. One of them was that Abner all-Awhacky, the American citizen who's making all those Intertubez videos in Yesma'am who the U.S. is going to assassinate as soon as he comes out of his cave (just don't let him know that or the wascally wabbit will never stick his head up.) And these Terror Babies are being calfed by women who snuck into the U.S. using legal visas. Now that takes some big brass balls!


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