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Friday, March 18, 2011

The South is Rising Again

The Chief Justice of The Confederate States of America (under occupation) sent me the following communique. The last paragraph brought tears to my eyes.
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011

The government of the CSA is being resurrected and re-staffed.

Initiated by the Constitutional Court Order of the Confederation of States, the Justices of the Constitutional Court and based upon the requirements of the ratified 1861 Constitution of the Confederate States of America the Justices have sworn each other in as Registered CSA Citizens and they shall, in turn, shall swear in the other.

The State provisional Governor/Chairman shall appoint staff and State CSA Registrars in their Southern State and swear them in as Registered CSA Citizens. These shall, in turn, take applications, evaluate them, and, where applicants are deemed eligible from their applications and papers, submit their applications to your State’s Sec. of State and or State Clerk of registration to Registrar for their C.S.A. Citizenship Certificate according to their State of birth or residence.

The State CSA Registrars may, when necessary, appoint regional or district or County CSA Registrars to assist in the registration process.

Once enough (1% or more) Citizens are recruited within a State, the Registered CSA Citizens of a State may then hold a State Constitutional Convention to elect a official (permanent) provisional CSA Governor and two Delegates and at least one alternate to represent their State at the National Re-Staffing Convention of the Confederate States of America.

The National Registrar shall have the responsibility of maintaining an electronic database record of all of the Registered CSA Citizens from all of the States and Territories involved.

The National Convention of the Delegates from the Confederate State Governments shall be held when State Conventions are complete and shall be called by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court after at least seven (7) States shall have resurrected their State Confederate Governments who shall also send two delegates to the national Convention. The Chief Justice shall preside and after the approval by the Delegates of a Provisional Constitution of the CSA, the Delegates will be sworn in by the Chief Justice as Senators.

The Senate shall immediately convene in the name of the Provisional Government of the CSA and under the chair held by the Chief Justice, the Senators shall elect a Provisional President and Vice-President. After these two officers are sworn in by the Chief Justice, the Vice President shall assume the Chair over the Senate relieving the Chief Justice.

The Senate of the Provisional Government of the CSA shall then consider the proposed updates and revisions to the CSA Constitution of 1861 as presented by the Constitutional Court. The Senate should appoint a Committee of three Senators to work with the Constitutional Court on these updates and revisions. Once the Senate votes 2/3rds to Certify a body of updates and revisions for the ratification process, then those update and revision proposals will be mailed or hand delivered to the Provisional Confederate Governors of each Confederate State involved in the Certification for ratification or rejection with a time limit of 90 days from the date of mailing or hand delivery.

Meanwhile, the Provisional President shall work on a list of key people needed to fill bureaucratic positions which should be staffed as soon as practical on a token pay basis such as;

Provisional Secretary of State

Secretary of the Treasury

Provisional Attorney General

Provisional Secretary of War (Militia)

Provisional Secretary of Commerce

Provisional Secretary of Communications (Radio, TV)

Once the updates and revisions are ratified by 3/4ths of the States the ratified Constitution of the Confederate States of America have been received by the Secretary of State, the President shall declare the revisions in effect. General Elections for Congress shall be scheduled within sixty (60) days or sooner after ratification.

After General Elections, the Senate shall then vote for a full term President and Vice President of the Confederate States of America to each serve a six (6) year term. The President will not be eligible to be elected again until another President has served a six (6) term. A Vice President may be elected to serve as President following the term of the President he served under. After inaugurations of the President and Vice Present by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, the Vice President shall assume his position as President of the Senate and the Triumvirate shall be terminated.

This Government of the Confederate States of America and the various State CSA Governments shall function under occupation until a Peace Treaty is agreed upon, signed and ratified with the United States of America which includes termination of occupation by the United States. The various governmental offices of the CSA shall not be within the jurisdiction of the Courts of the United States to control, but the Citizens and officers in said CSA government must obey the laws of the occupying nation so long as occupation continues.

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  1. What's the flag situation? I know the old one is associated with Dukes, and I don't think it can be re-repurposed now.

  2. Hmmmm...I wonder if the Provisional Secretary of Commerce will be running moonshine?

    Thunder, thunder, over thunder Road, Thunder was his Engine and White Lightning was his load...

    Moonshine, moonshine, quench the Devil's thirst, The Law they swore they'd get him but the Devil got him first!

  3. You know, it's hard to read that thing without an uneducated, southern drawl in your head.

    Just sayin'.

  4. .

    I be new at this game.

    Are the rules kinda like fantasy football/baseball? Will there be trading cards, mugs (coffee mugs not mug shots), and tees? Does one get to play with one's sisters and cousins too?

    Ema Nymton

  5. The government of the CSA is being resurrected and re-staffed.

    Finally -- some Republicans who are focusing on job creation.

    These shall...submit their Registrar [sic] for their C.S.A. Citizenship Certificate

    Something tells me those certificates will be accepted unquestioningly where an official, notarized Hawaiian birth certificate will be seen as suspect.

  6. I want to see the original (with proof) birth certificate for each member. Unless they were born in the Confederate States, I don't think they are eligible for office.

    On the other hand, treason in a time of war is pretty serious. Can we get a firing squad?

  7. That's just too goddamn many rules. If I wanna be a KKKonfederate Denizen, I gets to be one just because I says I is. The New KKKonfederacy is going a place where freedom reigns (as long as you're, you know, the right.... ahem) and we make our own goddamn rules! Of which there won't be any.

  8. He spells well enough to be governor. This is how change is done all Ghandi-like. The right wing has usurped the ways of the Islamofascifemohomoliberals and this is their new manifesto of non-violent overthrow of the multiculturalists and mixmasters of mud people. No zebras allowed.Including the Kenyan.

  9. Anonymous1:02 AM

    After 1% of the population signs up, the other 99% have to follow along?

    Gotta love democracy!

  10. Do they surrender their US citizenship upon taking CSA citizenship? Occupied or not, we can't let foreigners get the benefits of the fed government. Can i shoot one when a CSA citizen crosses a state line like I can a brown person from Hexico?

  11. General, Sir:

    That photo sez it all. "By their mullets shall ye know them!".

    I kin sorta grow oneathem mullets now, just by not gettin' a haircut. What's on top, well, there ain't nothin' on top, so I just let it all go and "Voyla!" ('scuse my surrendermonkey talk) ya gotcher "senior mullet".

    Truth to tell, though, I think that boy might be a poseur. He appears to still have some teeth and he's lacking the "MethheadKKKristians for a KKKristian MerKKKa" tat on his knuckles--FCUK--to prove both his belongingness and littrasyousness.

  12. I like the part about "token pay". Those tokens come in handy if'n you want to play some Ms. Pac Man at the Mario's Pizza Place or whenever you need to use the washer/dryer over at the weekly discount motor hotel.

  13. Does one a those C.S.A. Citizenship Certificates automatically mean I can sexually abuse any brown 3/5th person I fancy?


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