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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ensign: No Greater Love

Sen. John Ensign set an example for all the Savior's followers when he signed this photo to his lover's husband with these words: "To Doug, your Friend and brother in Christ, John Ensign U.S.S."


  1. Many Christians have raised the arts of duplicity and philandering to biblical proportions, but it's all for a good cause. Or so they say.

  2. Well he didn't get the LAST Rapture Ready Mirror Ball Suit because I DID !!
    So he won't be here after The Rapture( coming SOON to a location near you).
    Sigh .....FINALLY rid of THOSE er...friends(?).

    Dear John, please have your parents send $96,000 before The Rapture.
    Your Friend,

  3. I know it says in Wikipedia, the source of all totally truthful and uncorruptable information, that futureCasinoLobbyist Ensign is a member of the Pentagonaccostable Church. But my take is that he's in training to become a Moormoon. It is NEVADA, after all.

    Therefore, he was practicing pre-polygamy with his best friend's wife. Perhaps he was trying to entice her into joining the One True Church With Many Schismatic Offshoots, thereby saving her immortal soul and potentially the souls of all her deceased relatives who they would posthumously baptize. Shame on the scoffers who say it was just about the nasty down-low sex!

  4. Ensign did better than that -- the woman he was schtupping wasn't just his best friend's wife, but his wife's best friend, all the way back to their high school days (the friendship, not the schtupping -- as far as I know). Republican Jesus should give him bonus points for that.

  5. USS* Manseur Ensign has made even the most sacred love that love thy neigbor's wife as thy maid servant as thineself and thine concubine sort of thing that eventually through blessed interventions of Deacon Dr Tom Coburn negotiating the sacred gifting of the blessed friend for having such a lovely wife/friend for him and his wife to cherish. Family values, a little bit more than a family can legally contain, hence the necessity of the sacred privacy for the sacred arrangements with the IRS and the senate ethics committee. All hail the super schtuppers for Jesus and Ethical gifting.
    *Unabashedly Senatorial Schtuppster

  6. General, Sir:

    I am milfed, I mean miffed; I had left an insouciant if somewhat peurile missive here and it's friggin' gone! Sumbitch.

    Anyhow, Ex-senaturd Ensign--is he resignin' to spend more time with his family or his buddy's?


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