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Thursday, September 29, 2011

School, Police Join Holy Warrior in Battle Against Islamoteens

Rev. Gary L. Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission was ready when he learned that a San Diego area high school harbored large numbers of Islamoteens. He already had flyers portraying the Prophet Mohammed as a incest-crazed homosexualist pedophile. All he needed to do was plaster them liberally throughout Kearny High School's classrooms, halls, gym, and cafeteria. But he'd need help to do that, so he quickly made calls to school officials and the San Diego Police Department.

Rev. Cass's careful preparations paid off. Here's how he describes the results:
Today we had an outreach to Kearny High School in Linda Vista, CA. The high school is located near the Islamic Center of San Diego and has a large group of Muslim students. Everything went great and we had a great response. Everyone at the school was cooperative and the police were helpful and grateful that we knew what we were doing.

The flyers arrested the attention of the kids...(click here to view the flyer). The kids were animated in their response to the flyers, many disgusted at Muhammad’s actions. Now the students are going to have to figure out why their school refuses to tell them the truth about Islam.

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