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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gassing the Hippies

Update: you can call Deputy Inspector Bologna's bosses at 212-334-0611 to critique his torture technique.

Class terrorists are besieging one of our nations most holy shrines, Wall Street. As one would expect, they're a bunch of immoral, dirty hippies. At least that's how the New York Times' Ginia Bellafante describes one of their "default ambassadors, " She's "a half-naked woman" says the Times, with a "marked likeness to Joni Mitchell and a seemingly even stronger wish to burrow through the space-time continuum and hunker down in 1968.

Even socialistotimidcentristislamunistofascist bloggers like Oliver Willis are condemning the protesters' sartorial style: "You Want to Change the World? Dress with Some Fucking Dignity."

Still some argue that people like Bellafante and Willis are misrepresenting the crowds character by cherrypicking individuals rather than looking at the group as a whole. Well, I have photos that prove the crowd is as bad as any dirty hippy nightmare Curtis LeMay ever dreamed up (first four photos: David Shankbone (cc).)





Wait. That last one is a pic of shoppers in Seattle. Well, it's basically the same thing.

Thankfully, veteran hippy beater Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna and the NYPD are fighting back, torturing these vile dissenters by shooting pepper spray directly into their eyes.

One of the hippies tells her story:
A new group of police officers arrives in white shirts, as opposed to dark blue. These guys are completely undiscerning in their aggression...

The white-shirted cops are shouting at us to get off the street as they corral us onto the sidewalk. One African American man gets on the curb but refuses to be pushed up against the wall of the building; they throw him into the street, and five cops tackle him. As he’s being cuffed, a white kid with a video camera asks him “What’s your name?! What’s your name?!” One of the blue-shirted cops thinks he’s too close and gives him a little shove. A white-shirt sees this, grabs the kid and without hesitation billy-clubs him in the stomach.

At this point, the crowd of twenty or so caught in the orange fence is shouting “Shame! Shame! Who are you protecting?! YOU are the 99 percent! You’re fighting your own people!” A white-shirt, now known to be NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, comes from the left, walks straight up to the three young girls at the front of the crowd, and pepper-sprays them in the face for a few seconds, continuing as they scream “No! Why are you doing that?!” The rest of us in the crowd turn away from the spray, but it’s unavoidable. My left eye burns and goes blind and tears start streaming down my face.


One of the blue-shirts, tall and bald, stares in disbelief and says, “I can’t believe he just fuckin’ maced her.” And it becomes clear that the white-shirts are a different species. We need to get out of there.
But is the NYPD doing enough. In the old days (1997), police would use Q-Tips to apply the pepper irritant directly to the hippy's eyes, thus maximizing the pain as efficiently as possible.

You'd think after eight years under Lord Cheney, the police would have improved their torture technique, but then I guess you'd expect a little skill deterioration with the OBAMUNIST USURPER running the country.

Elsewhere: More Occupy Wall Street videos and photos.


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