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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Femopapist Assault on the Monarchy

Michael D. at The Thinking Housewife says Britianstanian Prime Minister, David Cameron is a CINO:
If there are any lingering doubts that “Conservative” Prime Minister David Cameron is indeed a conservative, then let them now be dispelled without further ado.
Why? Well because he's pushing femislamunistofascist agenda by approved a change in the laws governing the Royal Family's succession:
The silly proposal to change the succession law cannot reverse more than a thousand years of cultural heritage. If a princess is crowned ahead of her younger brother, she will be an usurper and no amount of “diversity and equality” rhetoric will change this.
Continuing, he notes that such a change violates God's law:
The most important role for a man is to lead his family, along with other roles such as protecting and providing for his family. He is naturally most suited to lead and his rightful place at the family’s head is not debatable. The age of his sisters is irrelevant and a woman may lead her family only in the absence of a man—if her father dies and she has no surviving brothers. The succession may travel through a female line but not at the expense of a direct male line.
Choosing a queen instead of her younger brothers will lead to civil war:
At best, her only shroud of legitimacy might be to serve as regent for a while. Once her brother comes of age he will be empowered to end the regency and claim his birthright as King and head of the House of Windsor. If she refuses to depart, she will be overthrown. Even if her younger brother lacks the will, resolution or courage to do this; the existence of a higher right in blood to the Crown will not just simply go away. When events turn adverse to the usurper, as eventually they will, she or her descendants will be challenged. For England’s sake I hope there is no need to fight the Wars of the Roses all over again.
Even worse, according to Michael D., Cameron's proposal would allow for Catholic royalty:
Nobody wants to repeat the bloody and horrific experience of the last two Catholic monarchs of England, Mary I and James II. Those days are well behind us now and the succession law makes logical and effective provision against these terrible events happening again by excluding Catholics from marrying into the royal family.
Bloody Bloody Mary.

Thanks to Forever In Hell for introducing me to The Thinking Housewife.

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