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Friday, November 18, 2011

My Grandson, the Commie

Sometimes I worry about the influence OfJoshua and her teacherofascist friends have on our 12-yr-old grandson. Here's a writings he had to do at school:
What Veteran’s Day Means to Me
Veteran’s Day means to me the remembrance of the dead because of war. Veteran’s die because they fight for our country in wars. Wars are the worst things in the world. War is caused by stupidity among world leaders. The politicians care about greed and money and oil and send our veteran’s in to fight to the death over stupid things like money and power. I think war is a terrible thing and that it is the worst thing in the world.

I don’t believe there will come a time when there won’t be war because people like power and money too much. In my life time I fear that there will be a WWIII and even a WW IV. It is possible if people get greedy enough.

I think that scientists should stop making bombs and weapons and smart weapons and instead focus on ways to have people get along. I think when the Arabs bombed the twin towers and we went to war in Iraq and now in other countries we all lost because in paying people back we all lose. Arab people die and American’s die and t he service men and women give up their lives all over power and pay back. It is sad that we are smart people but we can’t figure out how to use our words and not our weapons.

I do think the veterans who fought in WWII fought a just war because Hitler was killing off millions of people including most of my grand and great grand parents because we were Jewish. Hitler also took over many countries and would not be stopped. We had to go to war to stop him. But it is sad that people believed in him, followed him and allowed themselves to lose their belief in the good. Veteran’s Day to me is sad.

Veteran’s Day we thank the men and women who died fighting and those who survived but who protect us. But it is also sad because it reminds us that we are not smart enough to not have wars where people die.

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