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Friday, January 20, 2012

Proudly Aryan Accountants Provide Tax Help for Patriots

Do you ever worry about the blood quantum of the H&R Block trainee who does your taxes? He or she might look like a heartlander, but how can you be sure he isn't a Hebrew or that her great great grandmother wasn't a slave?

Well, you can put those worries aside. Harriet E. Kester-Paletti is now offering a tax preparation service for the proudly white. Located appropriately in West Berlin, Wisconsin, Kester-Palenti's "Garfield Accounting Services" gives you the option to "stop using main Jew owned tax services from H & R Block and use one of your own!"

But what if you want a banner. How do you know if it wasn't designed by a homosexualist or printed by a Mexican? Again, you have nothing to worry about., a division of White Pride Enterprises, will proudly and whitely provide all your sign, banner, and decal needs.

Those are just two of the business listed in Stormfront.orgs classified ad section. Others include:

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