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Monday, January 16, 2012

Straight Out of the Heartland

It sounds like everyone had a great Christmas in Deseret, although I'm hearing Winnie at my hometown newspaper may have fudged it a bit. From what I understand, the Jim and Starr Mitchell family accidentally put 2015 candles on the cake. There may have also been some cat involvement.

Here's how Winnie reports it:
Starr cooked a turkey and served pies. Everyone brought something for the meal. Steven and Ashley Mitchell brought the birthday cake for Jesus this year. There were also two dogs present.

Sure, the Poulsens may have the funkiest smelling pile of gifts under their tree, but, oh my heck, nothing honors the birth of our Saviour more than a nice chunk of brisket:
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen spent Christmas Eve in Salt Lake City with all but two of her children and all of Jeannette’s grandchildren. “We had a fun time,” Orson says. The couple gave gifts of packaged meat to all the adults and toys for the tots.

I gather Boyd Udy has taken up the tradition of not feeding people cursed with the names of the unheartlandishly hued:
Boyd Udy had all his children but Tyrell to Christmas dinner. “We just stayed around home and had a real nice Christmas,” he says.

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