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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Dr. Dino on Ron Paul, Jews, and "Pinky and the Brain"

Great news from God's favorite anti-sitzpinkling pastor, Steven L. Anderson. Kent "Dr. Dino" Hovind (or as the hacks like to call him, "Prisoner #06452-017") sent Pastor A an email from his home at USP Jesup.

Dr. Dino is working hard and sounds very happy. And why wouldn't he be. After all, as he triumphantly declares, "America is the "plucked eagle" of Dan. 7," and soon (7 years), Jesus is coming to defeat the "Pinky and the Brain type folks who wish to take over the world."

Although he's reluctant to participate in the "dog and pony show we see on TV every 4 years [that] is to elect a president of the board of directors for a huge private corporation named UNITED STATES," he's endorsing a candidate:
I would love to see someone who at least partly understands and attempts to obey the original constitution as ratified in 1791.The only one CLOSE to fitting that category is Ron Paul. I'd ignore the media and the 'republican leadership' and go for him IF I was voting for that corp pres.
Why Ron Paul? Well:
He understands that the const. is supreme NOT congress, NOT the court, and NOT the pres!
And, as Dr. Dino notes, Ron Paul doesn't pray those "Jew prayers" like other politicians do:
maybe they [Court, Congress, and President of the "huge private corporation named UNITED STATES"] prayed the Kol Nidri prayer?
"Huh," you might be asking yourself. Well,
I covered that in a post last year on
Oh yeah, the hypothetical conversation with God and a Rabbi:
God: Go ask the rabbi, Son (Matthew 23: 7-8).

KH [Kent Hovind]: Ok Lord… Excuse me, sir. I don’t speak Hebrew but you folks sure seem to be excited and zealous about what you’re singing! What’s going on here?

Rabbi (RA): Oh, we’re excited all right! This is the first night of Yom Kippur. Many millions all over the world celebrate this time. Tonight we are all reciting the Kol Nidrei (Maariv) prayer. It is the first basic level of the five levels of our soul. The Kol Nidrei chant inspires emotional ecstasy as we recite it three times to this soul stirring melody. Everyone really gets excited as they pray and dance!

KH: I can see that! What does the prayer say?

RA: It basically says that we are entering into an agreement with God that any oath, vow or pledge we take for the next twelve months shall be null, void, extinct, naught, and non-existent.

KH: Wow! Sort of like advance permission to lie?

RA: We don’t like to be that blunt but, yes, that’s what it amounts to.

KH: Is this how politicians, judges and even people on the witness stand can lie or not keep their oath to defend the Constitution and still sleep at night?

RA: Exactly! The oath is meaningless because of the Kol Nidrei prayer. It only lasts twelve months though. We have to do it again each year about this time.

KH: That’s sounds like what the Pharisees and scribes did in Mark 7:11. They could break the law and still feel justified before God....

RA: We take our cue from Solomon. He broke his vows to God, so it’s OK.

KH: Have you seen how Solomon turned out?

RA: Yes, but we are different. We’re happy the way things are. Just leave us alone. (Mark 5:17). We are not open to discussion about it.

KH: OK, it’s your life. I’ll see you judgment day and God will sort it all out.

God: I sure will, Son. I sure will. (Matthew 12:36) They have fooled themselves into thinking they have power to forgive their own sin. They think they are God! (Genesis 3:5) Does that answer your question about how they can lie and still sleep?
OK, that clears it up. It's obvious why Dr. Dino endorsed Ron Paul. He must be studying with the Teutonic Heritage Appreciation Society that runs C-Block. Great bunch of guys.

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