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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top Ten Breitbartarian Obama Scandals

Top Ten Obama Scandals Exposed on Fox and in the Patriotsphere

10. Obama sides with black man against cop who arrested him for being black.

9. Obama invites black musicians to the White House.

8. Obama gives Queen an iPod loaded with Motown (black) music

7. As a child, Obama was mentored by a black man who wrote a naughty novel.

6. Obama and First Lady exchange terrorist (black) fist bump

5. Obama wants to give whore pills to our white women

4. Black Obama USDA official hates white people if she's edited patriotically.

3. Obama's uncle is a homeless black man.

2. Obama hugged a black man.

1. Obama's black mother-in-law practices black voodoo magic in the White House.

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