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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Some of Mrs Pastor Anderson's best friends are dead church babies

Mrs. Pastor Steven L. "Zsuzsanna" Anderson has a good reason to hate church nurseries: they kill babies. She knows that as a fact. She witnessed it at the church the Andersons attended before Steven received his calling:
Several children that I know of personally have died in that nursery, during the service, and I cannot help but think that being left to scream was at least partially to blame for such tragedies.
When wicked, pastor's-wife-undermining commenters wondered why mulitple deaths at a single church nursery wasn't a huge news story, one that they'd have likely read about, Mrs. Pastor Anderson responded:
Evidently, I have chosen not to publish the name of the church I am referring to, and I have my reasons for doing so...

I just did a google search for babies dying in a nursery with that particular church's name, and absolutely nothing came up. Obviously, they are not going around broadcasting it...

I am done answering questions about this particular point. If you are that curious, you can poke around my blog to figure out which church I am talking about, then go visit them and see for yourself.
Some may wonder why Mrs. Pastor Anderson, who rightly sees herself as God's One True Mother Superior, didn't report this church's nursery to the proper authorities. Well, that just wouldn't be appropriate. God will sort it all out.

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