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Monday, June 04, 2012

For the Greater Glory of a Man's Most Precious Treasure, His Uterus

It seems like everyone is talking about "For Greater Glory," the Andy Garcia film about Mexico's Cristero Rebellion. Here's a sampling of their comments.

Rush Limbaugh:
It’s eerie. The people that produced the movie and made it could not possibly have known at the time that they started this project that when their movie came out there would be a parallel to the Obama administration’s war on the Catholic Church in America in 2012.
Michelle Malkin's Hot Air:
When the production of For Greater Glory began a couple of years ago, no one could have known that the film would have direct relevance to current events. Thanks to the battle between the Obama administration and religious groups (including and especially the Catholic bishops) over the HHS contraception/sterilization mandate...
Breitbart's Big Hollywood:
For Catholics enraged by the Obama administration’s proposed contraception mandate, the film about the Mexican church’s fight in 1920s is a heartening and timely cinematic boost in the American church’s battle to preserve “religious freedom” in 2012.
Eduardo Verastegui, Actor, "For Greater Glory," to the Catholic New Service:
I don't see any difference between Plutarco Calles [the Mexican President who sparked the Cristero Rebellion] and Obama.
I couldn't agree more. The fact that THE OBAMUNIST USURPER is forcing employers to provide insurance coverage for contraception is no different than Calles's enforcement of the following articles of the Mexican Constitution:
Article 3 called for secular education in the schools;
Article 5 outlawed monastic orders;
Article 24 forbade public worship outside the confines of churches;
Article 27 placed restrictions on the right of religious organizations to hold property.
Most obnoxious to Catholics was Article 130, which deprived clergy members of basic rights and made them in effect second-class citizens. Priests and nuns were denied the right to wear clerical attire, to vote, to criticize government officials or to comment on public affairs in religious periodicals.
Calles's actions sparked Mexico's Cristero Rebellion. Will Obama's crimes against a man's most important God-given possession, his uterus, spark our own?

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