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Monday, July 09, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama

I'm too sick and feverish to write glowing commentary about this, so you'll have to step in:
Last week, the two top executives of the network were summarily fired by the Alabama Educational Television Commission, APT’s governing body, after they resisted an effort by a new commissioner to air DVDs produced by a far-right theocrat who has been roundly condemned by historians. In the days that followed, three members of a foundation set up to raise money for APT also resigned.

The videos were produced by David Barton, an evangelical propagandist who claims falsely that America was founded as a Christian nation and has also become Glenn Beck’s unofficial — and completely untrained — “historian.” The DVDs were suggested by commissioner Rodney Herring, an Opelika-based chiropractor who was appointed to the panel last year and elected its secretary in January.

I'm going to bed now. See you tomorrow.

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  1. So the Ignoramofascists think the not scientists make some good points? Why do they want to make the baby Jesus stupid?


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