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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Leftunistosatanofascists Are Bogarting the British Monarchy!

At the uber-teabaggian-patriotic View from the Right. a Tory patriot, Phillip M, laments the subjugation of Her Royal Highness by the bloody proles [emphasis mine]:
...if these [Olympic] games have been about anything, it is the extent to which the traditionalist right in Britain have so comprehensively lost the battle to define reality. Ever since the coverage of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations a few months ago I have had this uneasy sense that a new country was in the process of being rolled out to the public; that the contours of a new Britain were now taking on a recognisable and permanent form. It is a Britain which has no use for me, and it wants me to know it.

Previously, royal occasions had been covered by the leftist BBC in such a way that you knew they were gritting their teeth and merely fulfilling a tedious but thankfully soon to be obsolete obligation to the decrepit royalists eking out their lonely final years in front of televisions in unvisited “care” homes. I took some comfort from their attitude. If the left resented the monarchy, it must mean that in some way they regarded it as still possessing some latent bond with the people that they, the left, did not possess themselves. The extent to which the left regarded the monarchy as being part of an alien Britain was the extent to which I was able to see the monarchy as something that still has value to me.

But this really changed with the Jubilee coverage. The BBC seemed to discover a newly enthusiastic, reverential and patriotic tone towards the monarchy that they would once have found absurdly Imperial and anachronistic. I read this as a worrying sign that the left felt that they had successfully co-opted the monarchy and re-cast its message in their own image, and now felt comfortable enough to celebrate monarchy safe in the knowledge that they alone have the power to define its meaning.


This sense of living in a Britain in which all the trappings of nationhood have been hollowed out and turned into their antithesis has carried through into the absurd hype in Britain surrounding the Olympics. Whereas in the past the left had deplored such events as lending themselves to base jingoism and an unearned sense of achievement, it is now the left that has become the primary cheerleader for what we are invited to call “Team GB.” As with the monarchy, the absolute victory of the left in defining nationhood on their terms can be divined from the way in which they are now happy to wrap themselves in the flag and stoke pseudo-nationalist sentiments as propaganda for the tolerant, multicultural Britain they have created at our expense...These various strands came together during the opening ceremony, when our Queen was happy to turn herself into a clown, and the monarchy into a joke, for the sake of the momentary amusement of the masses. Part of me wanted to deplore this spectacle publicly, to point out the millions of crosses that lie in Northern France and Flanders which mark the graves of English boys who sacrificed their lives for King and Country in the belief that these things were not a joke, but were things worth dying for. But I find that I no longer have the heart to air such feelings, no desire to accept what was once the natural role of the left in British life—the bitter, irrelevant misanthrope carping on the sidelines in a country they hold in contempt.

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