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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Not Racist" Proudly White Individual of European Descent Proves He's Not Racist

Readers may remember John Marion King III, the lilac-socks-clad, proudly white, but definitely not racist "American of European descent" who threatened to shoot me with his 9mm "bitch-ass Nigger Eater." He first came to our attention when he boldly protested in favor of the well-regulated militia incident that resulted in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

My last contact with him was an email in which I tried to patch things up by inviting him to make a plaster cast of his little sturmmann for display in my Grand Display Case of Patriot Units. Sadly, he never responded, and I have not had the opportunity to cherish his little sturmmann in my hand.

Today, I saw a tweet he posted to Twitter, and responded to it, hoping to get clarification about his threat to shoot me:

He responded, and although he ducked my question, he providing proof that he is not a white supremacist:

There you have it.

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