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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Guvmint Didn't Tap That

Men's Rights Movement superstar "Roosh V" has a few harsh words for his followers:
The biggest problem with [men's rights activists] is that they are not activists. They are pamphleteers. … They believe that one-thousand of them typing away and producing ten-thousand blog posts will change society. … [But] their movement hasn’t produced any results, only little online playgrounds where sad boys can sit in the sandbox and helplessly watch girls play with the cocky boys who understand the rules of the game...

I take personal action and encourage other men to do the same.
And when he says "action," he means action (wink, wink, nudge, nudge):
At the same time I was complaining that American girls are fat, I was blasting inside Polish girls with perfect bodies...

At the same time I was whining about divorce rape, I was dating a Ukrainian girl who treated me like a king.
Wait..."divorce rape," what in the name of the Telestial Kingdom is that? Maybe we can get a clue to its meaning if we see it used in context by one of Roosh's very manly readers:
Her vagina is a cob-webbed hole that will one day be used to trap some desperate, rich jew into a sex-less, and eventually divorce-raped marriage.
Uh, OK, well then, lets get back to talking about real men's rights activism:
At the same time I was ranting against the Skrillex haircut, I was banging a Lithuanian girl whose hair belonged in a Vidal Sassoon shampoo commercial.
Banging a woman with hair like you'd see in a Vidal Sassoon commercial. Damn that's classy.

What's Roosh's secret? He's an American, by gawd:
I can improve my station any way I want. The reason is because I’m from the motherfucking United States of America. If I can’t figure out how to improve my appearance, learn some game, make some money from an internet side business, travel abroad to fuck women, and find happiness in the world.
And, dammit, he's an American patriot who doesn't want or need the guvmint to provide him with a place to sink his thingy:
I don’t need the government to pass laws against alimony. I simply won’t marry in the USA. I don’t need the government to pass laws promoting fair child custody laws. I won’t impregnate an America girl. I don’t need the government to increase punishment for false rape accusers. I’ll cover my own back. I don’t need the government to ban trans fat to lower the weight of the population. I’ll go to Poland...I’ll be hitting on pretty girls in a Croatian bar.
Damn right! As Mitt might say: "The guvmint didn't tap that."

Helmet tip: Manboobz

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