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Thursday, August 30, 2012

NRA Values On Display at RNC Convention

Imagine my joy when I turned on the teevee last night and saw that the GOP had devoted a whole session of their convention to honoring the well-regulated militia.

Here's the official RNC Convention Video (transcript follows):

Here's the transcript:
Junior: I popped Willie

Mrs. Edwards: What do you mean you popped Willie?

Junior: I shot him, again.

Mrs. Edwards: Where?

Junior: Got him under the eye, and shot him in the shoulder,

Mrs. Edwards: Oh, it's on.

Junior: I told him to get out of the way! Big alligator coming of the bank. I can't lose the alligator. I'm shooting the alligator way over here, he [Willie] way over yonder. He [the gator] came off the bank and I shot him like straight down like that, and somehow he [Willie] gets himself in the way up there, and gets shot.

Mrs. Edwards: I say you ain't getting the gun no more. Somebody else got to use the gun. Willie don't never get complaints 'bout him shooting and it ricochets.

Junior: I never get shot. I can't help they get in front. They get in front of my bullet.

Mrs. Edwards: Is it still in there?

Willie: Yeah. Both of them still in there.
If that doesn't bring a tear to your eye, you're a Canadistanian sumbish.

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