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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

They's Miscegenated, Protestantizeded, Fat Newport Smokers

At the Catholic traditionalist blog, The Thinking Housewife, Buck mourns the upcoming obliteratation of "white European people" by "modern liberalism:"
Miscegenation is clearly a threat to the existence of white Europeans and Americans... Modern liberalism, unconstrained demographics; the surging waves of growing non-white populations will eventually obliterate white European people who have no other place to be.
Chris agrees, noting how Indians and Black people have ruined his family:
The black man who my aunt married mistreated her terribly ( including physical violence) and has been a terrible father to both my cousins and his subsequent 8 plus children by another woman. After divorcing my cousin’s father, my aunt took up with a series of unsuitable black men, and got into hardcore drug use. My aunt and her siblings grew up poor and without their father in the home. The Indian relatives were openly hostile to my grandmother and resented my grandfather marrying a white woman. To this day there is still much bitterness, pain and dysfunction in the family over these ( and other) interracial relationships.
Chris goes on to note how protestantism ruins stupid people like his aunt:
My aunt is frankly not very bright, and she needs guidance from society to function. (The chief problem with Protestantism is its disastrous effect on the stupid.) One of my aunt’s children is dead from drugs; one other cousin from drink and several have been to jail for various drug related charges. I cannot say miscegenation is an unqualified evil, else I would not exist, but I would say my family experience cautions against it.
And warns others to stay away from black people because they tend to be "dangerous, stupid, and feckless:"
Are all black men dangerous, stupid, and feckless? Of course not. But if stupidity, fecklessness, and danger exist at greater rates in the black community, shouldn’t prudent parents steer their children away from relationships with greater potential for disaster?
So keep your white women away from them:
There are many young white women who would either be alive or in much better circumstances today if they had avoided relationships with unsuitable minority men. To caution your children about who they marry and to acknowledge the differences between the races can make married life more difficult is not racism. It is merely common sense.
Elsewhere at The Thinking Housewife, Karen is shocked that Regis's old partner, Kelly Ripa hugs black men (see photo above):
Ripa, a married mother of three, apparently has no qualms about publicly embracing her new co-host.
Terry Morris has a theory about why Ripa would embrace a black man--she's been brainwashed by schoolteachers:
White girls, being more emotionally driven and sympathetic than boys, and being taught in the public schools and by the surrounding culture that blacks have always been oppressed in America and are entitled to reparations, tend to believe that, therefore, they owe themselves emotionally and often physically to black men as a sort of atonement for white America’s sins against blacks. This is why we see beautiful white women like the subject of this entry symbolically giving themselves to ugly black men. And, of course, many go further than symbolically doing so, giving themselves entirely to black men.
Laura, The Thinking Housewife, herself, agrees:
I do think many white women feel they owe themselves to black men and that this explains the overwhelmingly excessive affection Mrs. Ripa shows here. This, and the rise of interracial pairing, is the logical end of the wilful obliteration of common sense about race.
Eric, "who is a police officer," places the blame on ugly fat girls:
But it started years ago, with the camel’s nose under the tent. The camel’s nose is that blacks ended up with white women that were the too fat, too ugly, or otherwise unsuitable for a decent white man. Unfortunately, decent white men did not get as worried about it as they might have if the blacks were involved with pretty women.
And on predatory white women who pray on simple, but affluent, black dudes:
Next came white girls taking up with big-money blacks, such as sports stars and other entertainers, for purely mercenary reasons...Some white gals also seem to enjoy the fact that a half-way smart white woman is in a position to manipulate most black men, due to the innate differences in intelligence that certainly do exist.
Or they get hooked on Newport cigarettes, a gateway drug for inter-racial wang dang doodle:
I assure you that if you see a white girl with a pack of Newport cigarettes, that there is a 99% chance she has sex with ghetto blacks.
It's good to see so many folks passing on those traditional 14th century Catholic values.

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