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Friday, October 26, 2012

If Helen Hunt Had a Lick of Beauty, She'd be Starring in those Atlas Shrugs Movies

Traditionalist patriot, D'Souzian colonialist, and colorblind art critic Kidist Asrat is outraged about actress Helen Hunt's latest choice of gigs:
The film she's starring in is morbid and pornographic:
The Sessions (originally titled The Surrogate) is a 2012 American independent drama film written and directed by Ben Lewin. It is based on the true story of Mark O'Brien, a poet paralyzed from neck down due to polio who hired a sex surrogate to lose his virginity. John Hawkes and Helen Hunt star as O'Brien and sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen Greene respectively [Source: Wikipedia].
This is typical of current movies, where extreme grotesqueness is the script. And Hollywood actors, rather than rebelling en masse, are simply accepting these roles.
Why would Hunt accept such a role? Well, Mrs Asrat has a theory:
Perhaps if she had been more attractive rather than homely, she might have also been more rigorous about her demands, and would not have accepted her leading role in this horror film. Her current film, The Session, looks like a cry out for attention, and if she cannot grab it with beauty, she may as well do so with ugliness.
She goes on to explain why conservative women are more beautiful than ugly, contraception-using, wretchedly filthy, liberal slatterns like Ms Hunt:
I don't know if it is that conservative women groom themselves to be more attractive, and that leftist liberal women don't care (or are conditioned not to care) about how they look. Or if being more beautiful makes one more conservative (and exclusive, as in being beautiful makes one aware that there are hierarchies in life, as in wealth, intelligence, physical prowess, and why not beauty), and that conservative women are indeed more beautiful.

I think it is probably a mixture of both.

One thing I've blogged about is that leftist women are envious of anything that is beautiful, and want to bring this ephemeral thing called beauty down several notches. I think their aim is "equality," but equality with ugliness as the common denominator. And this notion equality is based on envy.

It is much easier to look ugly than to look beautiful.

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