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Thursday, October 25, 2012

There Should be a Nobel for Patriot Logicalismology

The libunist media is always talking about the great contributions scientistofascists and academecularists make to the pool of human knowledge, but seldom do they mention the things patriots have thought up to make our lives better. I'm talking about practical things like beer helmets, singing bass plaques, white tank top tee shirts, and converting milk jugs into mobile trucker urinals. None of those things came from any fancy lab or university  They sprang from the minds of everyday regular patriots who boldly thought outside of ol' pork rind bag.

I'm talking about people like Tom Bertonneau, who isn't afraid to dispense with hoity-toity concepts like reason and logic when he's getting down to doing a little thinking:
Modern people generally, liberals, logical positivists, moral relativists, and the entire tribe of sociologists, vehemently deny that correlation is causation. Personally, correlations impress me – as do analogies, to which the same people listed above also deny significance.
I come now to my point: The rising costs of a UC education since 1972 are directly in correlation to the extent of affirmative action – and, later on, of “diversity” and the imperatives of “multiculturalism.” By casual estimate, the cost of a four-year degree in the UC system has increased by five-hundred per cent. Because I am not a modern person, mentally speaking, a liberal, a logical positivist, a moral relativist, or a sociologist, my conclusion is the effect of affirmative action, “diversity,” and the agenda of “multiculturalism” has been to increase the cost of state-subsidized higher education five-hundred per cent since 1972.
Now that's what I call real thinking.

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