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Friday, November 02, 2012

Storm Slobs

The Thinking Housewife, Laura Wood is disgusted. She's disgusted because Manhattanites seem to think that a natural disaster provides them with an excuse to dress badly:
...Daily Mail photos of New York City after the hurricane remind me of just how ugly the streets of Manhattan are, with almost everyone dressed in drab, uninteresting clothes that rival the uniforms of Maoist China for their homogeneity and lifelessness... I wonder how many thousands of people are on medication because they are depressed by their own clothes and their ugly, hostile environments, surrounded as they are by impersonal denim, sneakers with tire treads, plastic-covered down jackets, billboards with oppressive smiles, and the austere, chilling cliffs of modern skyscrapers.
Shifting gears, Laura changes her mind and decides that the blame doesn't rest with the storm; egalitarianism is at fault:
This is the environment of a people that idolizes equality and sameness. The only way to survive amid such poverty is to possess an interior castle, a place of tapestries and mahogany where denim and sweat jackets are nowhere to be seen.

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