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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dr. Dino Eats His Hatchling

Prisoner #06452-017, Kent "Dr. Dino" Hovind is as angry as the prophet Elisha was on the day the children of Bethel called him "Donald Trump combover boy." Unable to contact God's she-bears of retribution from his cell at Federal Prison Camp Berlin, Dr. Dino did the next best thing, he published a jerimiad against his son, Eric, on Pastor Steven "God hates sit-tinklers" Anderson's blog:
Eric, and some in the family, will NOT see, recognize or admit the real issue in all this...No one is authorized to put words in my mouth, alter my words or sign my name under things I did not write of make it appear that it came from me if it didn't. No one is authorized to claim to speak for me or claim to have "The Official Kent Hovind page" etc. without my permission. I hold little hope this message will be understood or acted upon. :((
The following status update on Dr. Dino's official Facebook page is what set the good pastor off:

Dr. Dino didn't write that. Apparently, his son Eric, who heads Creation Today, doesn't allow Kent Hovind access to the official Kent Hovind Facebook page or blog.

And I guess Dr. Dino doesn't share Eric's enthusiasm for notorious bananasexual Ray Comfort's latest film, Genius: The Movie, which argues that John Lennon and the Beatles were all about Jesus, or as Comfort puts it:
...while Americans have been busy with political issues, British redcoats such as Richard Dawkins (and the now deceased Christopher Hitchens) have invaded our country and have been shooting our youth through the heart by convincing them that they are primates and making them into God-haters by the millions...By the grace of God I want to reverse the trend, and one way to do that is with a movie about John Lennon – what he believed, why he wrote 'Imagine,' why he rejected evolution, and another perspective on why he thought that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ.

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