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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guns Don't Kill People; Gray Ladies and Toy Smart Phones Do

While libunstofascists scream for more gun control--as if denying our right to own howitzers isn't enough--Christopher Gawley of the national Catholic newspaper, The Remnant, reminds us guns aren't the problem; the New York Times is:
The editorial page of The New York Times has been reliably at the forefront of nearly every wrong moral turn our society has taken over the last fifty years. Her wrong-headed moral sagacity has helped to hone and create the very cultural conditions in which widespread lawlessness and nihilism has now gripped our nations' young people. She is the one at war with God. She is the one that approvingly counsels free sexual liaisons and homosexuality. She is the one that applauds a revolting culture of abortion. She is the one that lauds obscenity as artistic expression. She is the one that posits a relativistic worldview that we can say with absolute certainty represents a complete inversion of right and wrong. And far more than guns, what is important here is the cultural malignancy that must necessarily be festering at the heart of our society to allow such a violent culture of death to exist in the first place.
And Glenn Beck wonders why people worry about guns when society faces an even more dire threat:

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