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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Problem With Stay-At-Home Horndogs

Ellen at The Thinking Housewife gets to the heart of the problem posed by stay-at-home dads. They've runined one of our most cherished traditions--the chat between mothers as their children play. Add a man into the mix and, by gawd, you're just asking for an all out, honest-to-god, wesson oil and cornflakes porkfest:
I wanted to bring up yet another cultural problem that women in the workforce have created in our society: The awkwardness of dealing with “stay-at-home dads.” When my child becomes friends with someone, it’s nice to have a play date. I can have a little grown-up time with the mother; they can run around and be kids with their friends. The problem with stay-at-home dads is that suddenly you as a married woman are expected to spend time alone with a married man, and everyone has to pretend like this is okay.

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