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Friday, October 17, 2008

Should We Support Troops From Slightly Less Patriotic Parts of our Country?

It's a question that, though difficult to truly defend, must be asked: since the beginning of our War Against Potential War Americans have been reminded of the need to Support the Troops, for they above all else are the reason we fight. But is such blind support really that prudent of a policy in these times of patriotic parsing? Should a white man who says "negra" be forced to support a soldier from an inner city, an inner city where children routinely play hoops better than he ever did on his best day evuh? One may make hay while the sun shines, and one might come home to find a Nigerian in the woodpile: these are simple facts that may rip the nation's rectum clean apart.

On the face of it, supporting all of America sounds fair, it sounds American, but is it, really? Isn't "All of America" just code for "Commie America?" And isn't "All of America" just a bit much? Let's say you really want to Support the Troops, and you follow that up with actually learning about our troops, and you find out that some of our troops are brown and some are black (I like to think of the currently low enlistment rates for African Americans as "violence default swaps"). A lot of these people of pigment are not from Real America, and even if they get their asses shot off it's difficult to care about them as much, or to even feel like pretending to care as much. When Supporting the Troops means having to think about what that support means, well, you've lost a lot of people who depend on getting their oxygen by breathing through their mouths. Once we lose them it's over: once we find them it is also over. That is their singular beauty.

So I must ask once again--nay, I must insist: if we have to support troops who are not from Real America then we aren't really American, are we? We're Dutch or something. Maybe the Moulin Rouge. And that ain't right. So tonight, when you say your prayers, ask that God help our troops, but to allot His love with discretion, that its better part be given to our Real Americans, and whatever the hell is left He can give to the wetbacks and the darkies. Amen.


Big shout out to Sarah Palin, who is bringing her zest for life to all (well, except for the big cities and such) of America!


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