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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Will Ira Glass be fired by the Heartland-Hating Elitists Who Run Public Radio?

National Public Radio is working hard to shed its liberal, elitist image. It's why they interview more conservatives than liberals on their shows. But sometimes NPR slips up and we learn what they really think about the Heartland and our values. That happened this week on This American Life. At about 44:45 minutes into the show, Ira Glass says:
Laura grabs a hen and waves it at the flaccid cock. The cock does not rise. I can say that on the radio, right?
Did you catch that last part, the part about whether it's OK to say that on the radio? Obviously, Mr. Glass is worried that he may have broken an NPR rule about discussing chickens. Apparently, the elitists at NPR are too hoity-toity to allow anyone to mention something as Heartlandy as poultry motivation techniques on their fancy radio shows.

I wonder what David Brooks has to say about that.

Here's the audio:


  1. Poor NPR was infected with corporatus biasumus and has never recovered. What's sad is they think they're the good guys, even while broadcasting from the Death Star.

  2. NPR? Are they still alive? What a shame, to have to go through the rest of life in that condition. Quality of Life, and all of that.

    Maybe The Death Panel should look into the situation.

  3. What a fowl-mouthed coxcomb this flaccid-ass Glass is! I hear about 17 hours a day of TV commercials for various boehner drugs -- I have three televisions on constantly in the house, and no, not all of them are tuned to Fox News; one of them is on the Fox Business Network -- and they never utter filthy words like "cock" or "flaccid." When those middle-aged-but-not-fat-or-wrinkly couples are sitting naked in the bathtub on the commercials for Levagara or Vialis or whatever they're called, the announcer is using tasteful words like "erectile dysfunction" and "will you be ready?" Because the RealAmerikkka is a clean, moral place that does not sully its ears with smut-talk during its prime-time reminders that you can't do the nasty without a heaping helping of drugs. It's a good thing that pulchritudinous poultry pervs like Glass are banished to fading radio shows on the Far Left of the dial. Think of the children!

    People who speak in Glass radios shouldn't wave cocks.


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