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Saturday, October 11, 2008

When times are desperate, the pathetic are called into action

It ain't easy to persuade people that our dynamic duo of Angry John McCain and Sarah "Bible Spice" Palin pass the laugh test as candidates, so we have to be creative. Sometimes that means we create half-assed forgeries of easily traceable documents and use them to discredit our domestic enemies in the libislamunistofascistosphere. Hey, it worked with Rathergate. Sure, it makes us look pathetic, but we're pathetic in a true believer, The-Klintons-exterminated-the-entire-population-of-Mena-Arkansas-by-dropping-a-huge-anvil-on-their-heads, crazy kind of way.  I'm OK with that.
Let's not forget our conservative base loves this kind of patently ridiculous stuff. That's why this ad from Passionately Credulous Bigots for McCain was so effective.

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