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Monday, August 03, 2009

Charter Cable hates God and all that is holy

My internet is down until Charter's tech comes out to fix it on Thursday. So I'm stuck trying to post on my mobile phone. Posts may be shorter, but still packed with as much Godly goodness as the Holy Ghost can muster.

I'm a little upset at the maker of this video. Glenn Beck is a smartass racialist patriot, not a dumbass racist douchebag.


  1. Hey -- my mom likes Glenn Bleck! She also had a mouse living in her food pantry for almost a year, chewing into cardboard boxes, making nests between the metal cans it couldn't eat, laying turds all over everything... It was disgusting.

    When I was back there in June, I spent a day mucking it out, taking all the food to the dump, sanitising the shelves and walls. My mom wan't at all fussed about the disgusting conditions surrounding the food she ate.

    Mom's getting old and dotty. Soon we'll have to put her in a home. And she likes Glenn Eeck. Is there a correlation? Nah -- that's just crazy talk.

  2. Bukko in Australia:

    Sorry to hear about your mom, I hope she gets whatever help she needs to live out her days in peace.

    I hope Glen Beck gets some sort of disease that is both painful and disfiguring but only fatal after a long period. People might say I'm passing judgement; yeah, whatever. Worthless pieces of shit like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest of that crew of clueless fucks have done more than all of the jihadis in the mideast to fuck up my country. A quick clean death is too good for any of them. Fuck those fucking fucks.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes, Demo. That's one of the reasons I'm not resisting Mrs. Bukko's desire to immigrate to Canada (despite the fact that I love it here.) I reckon that it's my filial duty to be close enough to support my mom, pathetic right-winger that's she's turning out to be. (She wasn't this bad before her mind started slipping.) It will be easier to do that on the other side of the continent than it will be on the other side of the planet.

  4. Bukko in Australia:

    Well, unfortunately, being rightwing is mostly about fear. Your mom has the excuse of eroded thought processes. I grew up with the fear of dying. It was sort of a natural process resulting from family alcoholism, catholicism and sexual abuse. Having said that, I have not usually been filled with hate for those who are less fortunate than me. That's the part I really don't get. It seems, to me, that it would be normal, if wrong, for us humans to resent the good fortunes of those who've done better than us. With the rightwing it's just the opposite. Strange, that.


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