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Monday, March 29, 2010

Nothing stops violence better than a face full of woo woo

Other than Fox, the media has been very silent about the left's continuing incitement of violence against patriot-Americans. Demislamunisto fascist leaders like Obama and Reid cleverly use negative psychology to fuel their followers anger with phrases like "violence should have no place in political dialog." The only way we could respond was to threaten congresspeople and their families, cut their gas lines, and abuse people with parkinson's disease.

RNC Chair Michael Steele is trying to change that. He's now providing special training to the inner-party elite to help them spot and resist violence. The training takes place at a club called "Voyeur West Hollywood." Steele sends party officials there to witness violence first hand--they watch ladies tie other ladies up and then spank them with a variety of spatulas.

But the show doesn't end there, there's a peace component as well. The ladies kiss each other's woo woos after the spankings. That's the part Chairman Steele wants the GOP officials to take home with them. It's hard to beat up some one when you're kissing woo woos.

I think it's the best $2000 the GOP has ever spent.

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  1. So much light shines off Steeley Mike's bald punkinhead that you could use it as an illumination source if ever a doctor of vulvology wanted to do an exam on oneathose wimmens's woo-woos.

  2. General, Sir:

    It looks to me like a "Win-Win" for the RNC. They got to provle, ala "Trading Places", that AfromerKKKins--even the ones that been raised since youth to think "white", just can't be trusted to run anything. Which is a ++ good reason not to have no Islamolizakenyan like Obamamandingo runnin' the country! 'sides, they were able to do all that "research" on very confused notmen who somehow think that they're play-acting at being teh GAY. Notmen, as you have pointed out numerous times, cannot be teh GAY, 'cuz they don't have little soldiers.

  3. First signs of hope for normalisation of Republicans.What sort ot tea was served?

  4. The Party of Hell No! is actually the Party of Yes, Baby, Yes! This world is upside down and moaning with delight!


  5. Bad, wicked, naughty Republican Zoot. You must tie her up and give her a good spanking. Yes, you must give us all a good spanking.

    And after that, the oral sex.

  6. General,

    I'm surprised you didn't break this story first:

    Hutaree video stars evil dildo-wielding man-duck.


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