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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Opinuary Column

The Opinion "Christine O'Donnell is not a witch" has died after a brief but virulent spell. The Opinion, born of secular disbelief, was only a couple of weeks old when it was stricken with beguilement's dementia, a rare and fatal form of utter stupidity. In point of fact, O'Donnell is without a doubt one of the greatest witches ever to run for political office*, as evidenced by her wizardry in shrinking Sean Hannity down to the size of a wallet and smashing his face beneath her ass. Non-witches can't do that--they don't even try. (*Note: Ohio Representative Jean Schmidt is a banshee, not an actual witch).

The Opinion is survived by a host of ghoulish conspiracy theories, macabre insinuations, ad hominem poltergeists, sycophantic sorcery, corporate conjuring and one gaseous load of bilious voodoo...that you well!

In lieu of flowers slap my ass and call me Sean Hannity!



  1. Just to make sure, we should tie her to a rock and throw her in a pond to see if she floats. I bet she does. A wooden head is lighter than water, after all.

  2. Bukko Canukko:

    In things medical and in, well, actually, most everything else, I defer to your superior intellect; But I don't think her wooden head would float. Some woods will float, sure, woods like balsa and some pine trees and stuff, but really, really hard and dense woods like lignum vitae don't float worth a shit and KKKristine O'whatthefucksayanything has pretty much proven that she has an amazingly dense squash.

    Mr. mjs, Sir:

    I dunno if you're aware to it, but that jewboy Bob Zimmerman is in oneathem other Donovan clips on that Magic Music Sound thingie you put up there. Donovan is playin' a tune that sounds kinda "Dylanesque" and BoZ is there and he's kinda laffin' it up, but I bet that he put oneathem Kabalcompany curses on Donovan and that's why his career went in the crapper, knowimean?

  3. Speaking of witch, here's KKKristine's latest undercover lover -

  4. Why do these people seem like they've grossly abused their 15 seconds of fame?

  5. She turned me into a newt!


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