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Monday, May 30, 2011

Breitbarts Shouldn't Throw Stones in yfrog Houses

I hate to cause problems for a fellow patriot and ally. That's especially true when that person is working so hard to save America by keeping track of Rep Anthony Weiner's johnson.

But, hey, I'm a citizen journalist, and I have to post these alleged screencaps. Now, I didn't see the original tweet on Andrew Breitbart's twitter page--he must have accidentally blocked me--or the picture on his yfrog account, but they look like screencaps, so they must be real.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the pic. It's not like it's an inflatable ram--it's a ewe for Christ's sake--but you know how the media tries to portray our most cherished Heartland values as crudely as possible.

Here's the alleged tweet:

And the alleged yfrog posting from the twitter link:


  1. vicki7:25 AM

    Ooo. That's baaaaaaad.

  2. Anonymous7:30 AM

    General, Sir:

    Is that an InflatOvine? Ye GODS! WTF is next. Did Andy B. think that we wouldn't notice the difference between a genuine MoraleEwe 1st Class like Sheliah and a cheap polyethelene poseur? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea, Andy, very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!


  3. The Right Honorable Member for, The Very Reverend Mother Her Duchal Serene Highness, Dr. Hortense Sussudio Fuckerfaster7:50 AM

    now you've done messed with the alpaca packers pac, not even a pundits peck on brietbart's pickled pecker will save you now.

  4. I prefer my lovesheep in BLACK fishnet hose. Better contrast against their soft, whitesome, invitesome fleece. The red reminds me too much of what's going to happen to her when I eventually grow tired of her sheepishness and move on to a fresh new lambykins.

    Fortunately, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani (the Maximo Mufti in the Babylon Oil Colony -- he's the good ayatollah, not the bad 'un. That's Mookie al-Slaughter) has some advice about what it's OK to do with used-up lovesheep, lovecamels, etc. And no, that is not a parody site. Those people are damn serious about that stuff. You could spend all day clicking links on how to be a good Mahometan.

  5. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Colonel Canukko:

    I ain't never been to Oztrailya but I used to live on a farm with some ornamental sheep that pranced around in the paddock behind my landlord's barn. Whitesome, delightsome fleece was appreciated in the abstract, but the reality is more like, yellowish and caked with dung and other substances--not that I'd ever touch someone else's "Morale Ewe" anyhoo.



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