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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jesus Cries When You Get Nekid in the Wilderness

The godfearing saints at Bluehost, a fine company located safely behind the Zion Curtain, don't cotton to no pictures of nekid folks. They closed the site that published this photo (I placed purity dots lest you be tempted to pat your roberston):

Of course, the purveror of this degenerate enviroporn complained:
In discussions with Bluehost they told us that a women in a bikini is OK (no matter how sexually provocative), but nudity is forbidden. So we could post a shot of a buxom woman, in lingerie with a gun and stilettos stepping on another woman in a back alley...
Unfortunately, another company eagerly took the photographer's filthy lucre and now hosts his wicked imagry.

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