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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Another Proudly White Christian Male Persecuted For Serving in a A Well-Regulated Militia

Walton Henry Butler of Port Joe, Florida was doing nothing more than pursuing his favorite pastime--standing at his sliding glass door and reminding the children in his apartment complex that they were just a "bunch a god darned niggers" who would never grow up to be a fine semi-literate, toothless, virile, vinyl-woman-romancing white man like himself.

A neighbor man of unhearlandish hue, Everett Gant, overheard Butler's tirade against melanin and approached the glass door to brutalize our proudly white brother with his chocolaty complexion. Acting in his role as a member of our nation's well-regulated militia, Brother Butler responded by aiming his .22 cal. rifle at Mr. Gant and shooting him in the head. Our caucasian avenger then turned his back on the wounded Gant and proceeded to cook up a whole mess of vittles.

Eventually, the diversity-poisoned police arrived to persecute Brother Butler. Indeed, they questioned Brother so severely, the patriot was moved to ask why they were treating him so badly. "After all," he noted, "it was just a nigger."

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