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Monday, September 17, 2012

Morning Joe's Mika Exposes Obama

Femosatanunistofascists are very angry at Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough's sidekick on MSNBC's Morning Joe. They say that by posing for this photo in Vanity Fair , she dishonored the struggle of not-man journalists to be taken seriously.

Not surprisingly, her detractors are wrong. Brzezinski did not sell out her not-man journalist sisters by celebrating capitalism the old fashioned way. She did something that should anger them even more; she used the lost art of leg semaphore to do something the rest of the media refuses to do: expose the OBAMUNIST USURPER for the Kenyanislamunist he is.

Don't believe me? Well, lets superimpose and Islamic crescent and a communist hammer and sickle onto the Brzezinski photo. Notice how the tips of the crescent perfectly line up with her shoes and the how star is centered erotically on her seductive knee area?

Do you also see how the angle of the communist hammer perfectly matches the angle of her left (communist leg)? Obviously, Brzezinski is trying to tell us that Obama is an Islamocommunist.

Now take a look at what happens when Brzezinski's pose is placed over Obama's birth certificate.

Notice how the heel of her left (communist) shoe points at the word "Barack" in a manner reminiscent of Émile Zola pointing his pen at French President Félix Faure and screaming--please pardon my French--"J'accuse!" Now take a look her right shoe (the shoe of truth). It's pointing at the word "Kenya," proving, incontrovertibly, that Obama is Muslimanian.

Finally, lets take the image and superimpose it on a world map, placing her buttocks (and the butt of the communist hammer) on Cuba, and see what we find.

If we draw lines emanating from the ends of the crescent, we find that they outline the Middle East. If we do the same for the direction of her gaze, we see she is looking in the direction of the Muslim holy city of Mecca.

Could she be any clearer about Obama than that?

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