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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Exorcising C-Span's George Carlin Demon

For awhile there, I thought C-Span may have been liberated by the proud patriots of the 101st "Fighting Keyboarders" Blogging Brigade. Hell, I was ready to recommend them all to receive neo-conservatism's greatest honor, The Cheetos-Stained Briefs of Valor with Chocolate Clusters. They surely deserved it when they labeled C-Span's Fiscal Cliff coverage as "I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up" and video of communistocornderivativesfacist Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Reason) as "Just Plain Dick."

But then I read that Tucker Carlson's crack team of citizen journalists at The Daily Caller had scooped everyone with the honest to God truth about the incidents--C-Span had been hacked.

Later, "Carlson's Crackers," as the Daily Caller's news warriors are known, updated their story after reading a post at C-Span God-hating blog:
During the New Year’s “fiscal cliff” debates, our 100% commitment to cover the House and Senate live caused frequent interruptions to our previously scheduled programming. As such, on some occasions our pre-written TV schedule was not in sync with what was actually live on the air. When this happened, live congressional debate was accompanied by incorrect TV schedule information. Unfortunately, two of our previously scheduled BookTV programs had titles that some might find offensive.

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