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Sunday, May 29, 2005

North America Is the Lord's

The public school system is responsible for introducing the twin evils of science and tolerance into our culture. If we don't act to stop it soon, our great nation, like Sodom and Gomorrah before it, will be destroyed in an rain of fire. We must each do all we can to change society's current course. The best way to do that is to remove our children from the godless educational system. Why trust professional educators with our children's learning when we can do much better at home. That's especially true now that we have teaching tools like these:

The American Republic

The American Republic Student Text will grab your students’ attention with its unusual, colorful, inviting graphics. More important, though, is its content, which has been thoroughly updated. New material focuses on The Sixties: Nation in Crisis (Chapter 28; a complete survey of the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the Nixon administration); Rise of the Right (Chapter 29; chronological survey of the rise of the New Right with expanded coverage of Reagan and Bush); and Bridge to the 21st Century (Chapter 30; Clinton's domestic controversies, the Republican Revolution, impeachment, and global uncertainties). Colorful spreads throughout the book highlight American society and geography, history skills, and time lines.


Description: Fifth grade social studies text--a Christian view of the history and geography of the United States and Canada. This text aims to be God-centered, not man-centered. It sees God as the Creator of the world and as the One who sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of all mankind. The text recognizes two forces at work in history: the kingdom of God has a set of social values markedly different from those of the kingdom of darkness. This text teaches social values that belong to the kingdom of God. The title, North America Is the Lord's, as well as the text, intends to counter the materialistic, humanistic view that our land is a product of human ingenuity and that we can control our own destiny.


Description: This third grade social studies text develops a basic understanding of communities. The student first sees his community as one small part of God's earth. Next, four communities of Bible times are explored. After this, two communities where Christians have lived are investigated. Last, the old and new countries of Israel are compared. Each section clearly pictures the duty of the Christian in a variety of situations.


Description: Sixth or seventh grade social studies text, views world history in the light of God's Word and God's plan for His people through the ages. This text concentrates on ancient history, with a summary of the last 300 years in the concluding unit. The text is unique in that it follows history chronologically and at the same time integrates the story of God's people, the Jews, until the time of Christ and God's people, the church, since that time.


Description: This science textbook is based on God's gifts to us as recorded in the Creation account in Genesis 1. Units of study include the physical world, plants, the heavens, animal life, and the human body.

CLE Science

God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Beginning with this foundation, the science series leads the student to an understanding of himself and his environment. Teaching scientific facts and truths honors God—all laws are His laws; all life is His life; all truth is His truth. His world does not contradict His Word.

Music in Biblical Perspective

Description: Music is powerful. It can edify or destroy. How can Christians make wise music choices? This elective not only teaches music, it speaks to these issues. Some of the topics covered are: Music: An expression of man. Music: A moral issue. Testing music by the character of God. What about the music itself? Testing music by its appeal. Musical instruments and the New Testament. We have a song-Let's sing. Hymn appreciation.

CLE Math

Mathematics shows the absoluteness and unchangeability of God’s laws. It reveals His perfect, orderly design. Students are guided sequentially to a mastery of basic arithmetic skills in the first six grade levels. These skills include story problems, decimals and fractions, and factoring. Both metric and English measurements are taught. Grades 7 and 8 reinforce these skills and prepare students for the high school courses of algebra, geometry, and trigonometric functions

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