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Friday, February 24, 2006

I've been infiltrated.

Ian reports that he spotted a "liberal whackjob" here at Jesus' General. Being the god-fearing patriot that I am, the thought of being infiltrated chills me to the bone. Indeed, I'm one frightened General.

Of course, I'll respond appropriately by locking up Ofjoshua, wiretapping Joshua Jr's tin can and string telephone, and forcing my neighbor, Mr. Gonzales, to invade Steve's house across the street--we have to stop him before a pair of spandex cycling shorts becomes our proof that he's hiding a terrible bulge of manly distraction.

Ian seems to think that John at Crooks and Liars is connected to the infiltrator, but we'll make Mr. Gonzales attack Steve anyway. It's easier, and besides, Steve once tried to pull the "flaming bag of dog crap on the porch" prank on my father. Getting Steve will finally earn me the old bastard's respect. There will be no more "girly-boy" taunts after that, dammit.

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