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Saturday, November 25, 2006

et tu, Goldy?

I'm very disappointed. I sacrifice over an hour of my Thanksgiving holiday to share my important conservative ideas with David Goldstein's radio audience, and Goldy responds, marginalizing my message by calling it humor:

And as a connoisseur of humor, I would have hoped that it would not be necessary to appreciate a joke in order to at least acknowledge that it exists. But apparently, some people just don'’t get satire.

This sad reality was brought home yesterday when General JC Christian of the satirical blog Jesus' General joined me on 710-KIRO as I was subbing for Dori Monson. This was without a doubt the funniest hour of radio I've ever produced, an experience enhanced for the guys in the booth as the lines lit up with angry callers. One would think that when the General started talking about tazering shopkeepers who refused to say "Merry Christmas" and arming fetuses with tiny in utero handguns that nearly everybody would have realized that he was in fact joking. Yet the overwhelming majority of callers chose to take him at face value.

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