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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The enemy within

Glenn Greenwald may be French as hell and a leading contender on my list of people who may be the Antichrist, but I have to thank him for introducing me to the Victory Caucus. It's provided me with hours of fun and warriorly companionship of a heterosexual nature since I signed up over the week end. Even more importantly, it's introduced me to some of the brightest minds of the coweringosphere. Take "Snooper" for instance. His post on the motives of our internal enemies is one of the best decriptions of libislamunistofascism I've seen. I couldn't resist posting the following comment in response.

Snooper wrote:

One should be asking their self why the Leftinistra are performing political posturing to the degree they have been doing in recent days. Could it be about their aspirations to further their defeatist propaganda? Could it be about their inability to support a man that defeated them in two presidential elections? Could it be their inherent hatred of the military? Could it be their absolute hatred of America? Could it be their belief that every ill in the world is the fault of America? Could it be that the United States military and their supporters are in their way to reign in the New United Socialist States of North America?

Thank you Snooper. I think you've pretty much nailed it, although I'd add a couple more. They're trying to destroy our belief in God by twisting our children's minds with science, new math, phonics, and Spongebob Squarepants. They're trying to sap our fighting strength by contaminating our precious bodily fluids with fluoride, lattes, hummus, and quiche. And worst of all, they're trying to destroy Christmas.

What is the driving force of the Leftinistra? I have made several assessments on this question and the most probable root influence is that they are indeed a band of Socialists. They were defeated during the Cold War which, we won by not firing a shot openly. The example of the perfect society went down when the Berlin Wall finally came crashing down.

Yes, they're socialists who will not rest until they seize control of the means of production and force us all to discuss dialectical materialism while sitting in coffee houses sipping cappuccinos and listening to beat poets.

But they're also scientists who are bent on destroying the truth by inculcating us with evolislamununistofascism, Copernislamununistofascism, geologislamunistofascism, paleontolislamununistofascism, and whatever the heck it is Al Gore is always going on about.

And let's not forget the homosexuals with their America-hating bulges of irresistible temptation, working their homomojo to recruit unsuspecting pastors, family-values-friendly Congressmen, and patriotic militia generals into their fabulous lifestyle.

There is overwhelming support for the War On Terror in Iraq and elsewhere. Your basic run of the mill American knows that if we do not fight them there, we will fight them here.

That is certainly the case despite what all of the polls may say. The problem with such polling is that it's conducted by socialist homosexual scientists using new math. We need to put together our own faith-based polls to counter their propaganda. Only then, will we get the results we desire.

Update: According to his profile, Snooper is a former intelligence agent.

Update II: It looks like the Victory Caucus has been hacked by francoslamunistofascists. That'd explain why I've been banned.

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