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Monday, March 05, 2007

VC under attack

When will the French stop taunting our keyboard heroes:

I've been active duty 19 years but despite the fact that I dont have a college education, I recognize Fascism when I see it, and any forum founded by Frank Gaffney must have a fascist leaning. Do you realize that I posted two lightly edited Goebbles speechs, replacing "Jew" with "liberal" and some people responded positively? Shame on you. The Bush Administration admited that the VA was underfunded by 2.7 Billion dollars in 2005, yet the Walton family benefits to the tune of 28 BILLION dollars over the next ten years from the estate tax cut. Republicans have demonstrated such dedication to the troops for the whole time I have been in the military. Reagan and Bush I have been more preocupied with paying military contractors instead of service members, a tradition picked up by the current administration. Shame on you who support them.

Our friend Snooper really liked the reworked Goebbels speech:

Snooper Re:We will prove it to them!
WOW! Just so. Onward to Victory

A helmet tip to reader calipygian who posted the speech to VC.

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