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Friday, July 13, 2007

Shiva Sticks a Shiv in the Body of the One True God

Mr. Sanjay Goes to Washington

Hindu? Hin-don't!

If you went to the link and saw the video you are probably as excited and wildly confused as I am. Congress seems kind of foreign already so must be approached with caution, but this pagan mumbo jumbo in the Lord's Senate shall not abided. Know this: if we don't shout down these heathens here how can we in good faith shoot down the Muslims over there? And if we don't kick out people of faith from our congress who will? If the Good Lord sees fit to do nothing about these transgressions isn't it painfully obvious that we must follow His lead and scream and yell at those dark brown people who, they worship...they're bad, I tell you. Cross burning bad. And their food is just plain wrong. Know this: yelling is the only proper Christian response, for the Almighty is nothing if not loud.

I don't have time to explain the importance of all this. All I have time for is some pointed screaming at traffic on Interstate 5 (I have a really good overpass already staked out!). Ooh, and fist shaking! I love a good fist shaking (it's not what you think, even if you don't think it).

The One True God loves peace, but you should still kick Krishna's ass. Even if it was the British who colonized Satan's Opium Palace it was the Americans who gave them jobs, darn it! You try calling AOL and not getting some lotus eater telling you why you can't have any more free porn. I'm just saying.

I hope the General feels better. God will provide. And we will enforce. Amen.


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