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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yearly Kos in Second Life

Can't make it to Chicago to go to Second Life? Did you know you can attend the virtual conference in Second Life. I'll be there.

The YKSL people are holding a number of events in advance of the conference, including parties with progressive authors (this week it's Jeffrey Feldman) and SL classes for newbies. The parties are great. I met a lot of great progressives last week.

YearlyKos in Second Life Thursdays: Jeffrey Feldman Hotlist
by JayAckroyd [Subscribe]
Wed Jul 04, 2007 at 07:28:41 AM PDT

On Thursday July 5, the Yearly Kos in Second Life organizing team is thrilled to announce that Jeffrey Feldman, author of Framing the Debate will be joining us for an interview, some Q&A and to mingle with the YKSL crowd. Jeffrey will also talk about the YearlyKos presidential candidate roundtable, where he will be one of the moderators.

He'll be joining us at 6 pm PDT, and after the talk, the usual Thursday dance party will commence.

This is also another reminder that you can attend the conference virtually by signing up for YearlyKos in Second Life. We’ll have video of all the major sessions streamed in live to a virtual auditorium, where you and your fellow virtual attendees can watch, discuss and participate in Q&A sessions. We also expect to present some panel sessions, and to record interviews that will be broadcast when there is no live content to stream, as well as conduct some virtual panels.

There will be lots of venues for meetups and parties open 24 hours a day.

Second Life is a virtual reality three dimensional social space with over 7 million registered users, that is growing rapidly in popularity.

There is US$25 registration fee that goes entirely to defraying the actual costs of acquiring the virtual land, paying for the video stream and other hard costs. The construction, promotion and staffing of YearlyKos in Second Life, like the rest of YearlyKos, is done entirely by volunteers.

In addition to a weekly party every Thursday at Gina’s Place,we will continue to have musical performances, political comedy, interviews with YearlyKos panelists and plenty of chances to meet up with fellow Kossacks.

Here’s the weekly schedule:

Newbie Camp on Tuesdays

Here’s where people new to Second Life can learn more about moving around, modifying their appearance and communicating with their fellow avatars. Not to mention how to sit down IN a seat and not ON the chairback. The NOOB Camp sessions are at 6 PM SLT (PDT) and last for an hour.

Registration Drive Meetings right after Newbie Camp

We’re looking for volunteers to help spread the word. We’ve found that most people still don’t know about this event, so we need to let the blogosphere know, so feel free to stay after Camp to provide suggestions on how to get the word out.

Virtual Party ever Thursday

Just for fun, join your other virtual attendees, or anyone else who happens by for music, dancing and chit chat. We've set up Gina's Place right outside the Registration Center where a dj will be spinning tunes.

This will also give you a chance to sharpen your virtual social skills, and make the usual newbie mistakes, like inadvertent flying and accidentally sitting on your best buddy’s head before attending the conference. Best of all, you don’t have to shout to be heard over the music, and if its too techno for you, you can mute it entirely.

So register now. Or, if you are one of the hundred people who have signed up and haven't paid your registration fee, please pay for your registration now. After YearlyKos in Chicago closes registration, the registration price goes up to $35.

So now’s the time! Sign up. Show up for the pre-convention events, which I will continue to announce in diaries. If you’re an experienced Second Lifer, volunteer to help your less experienced Kossacks by contacting Tom Ballantyne at careerdoctor AT or IM IF Mastroianni inworld.

Come by this Thursday!

It will be a blast!!

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