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Monday, September 24, 2007

Ending Childood Freeloading

Gov. Tim Pawlenty
State of Minnesota

Dear Gov. Pawlenty,

Yesterday, Demislamunistofascist presidential candidate Chris Dodd--The same man who humiliated Mr. O'Reilly and is demanding a pullout from Iraq--sent you a letter, asking you and the rest of the nation's governors to "defy the Bush Administration's recent ruling restricting the number of children covered by the State Children's Health Insurance Program." I trust that you will reject his ridiculous suggestion .

What Dodd fails to understand is that this medical assistance program does tremendous damage to the children of our nation by fostering a reliance on government to solve their problems. Our Leader understands this. That's why he is gutting the program.

But that is only the first step. These children will still need heath care, and you and the other Republican Governors will need to help them get it. You can do so by supporting the Norquist-Bush-McConnell plan to destroy the last vestige of nanny-state market interference: the regulation of child labor.

Consider all the good that will be accomplished once these socialist laws are repealed. Children will finally be able to experience the self respect that comes from an honest days work. More importantly, by taking advantage of tax incentives and the opportunity to invest in medical savings accounts, these children will no longer be forced to depend on socialist government programs for their health. They'll also become wiser consumers as they continuously balance their need for say a flu shot against their desire for the latest set of Pokemon trading cards.

Putting kids back to work will also do wonders for our economy. Think of all the electronics manufacturing jobs we could draw here if we could provide a low-paid workforce blessed with tiny fingers. By God, we could become the next Cambodia.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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